Call for Strategic Plan Working Sub-Group Members

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, we have been working on the Department of Medicine Strategic Plan since March 2022. The strategic plan, which has every Department member in mind, has strategic goals that aim to take us to the highest level of excellence in our organization, education, research, and clinical domains. We have met many of you in person and held town halls to discuss your ideas, concerns, values, goals, and wishes. We have listened to and shared your thoughts with our executive team. Planning is the first phase of this joint effort to transform the Department of Medicine. We are now working on how to put our plan into action. This is the opportunity for us to work together to achieve our goals, decide where we wish to be over the next few years, and be the best of the Department of Medicine in the country. We cannot do it without you!

Starting in January 2023, the Department will establish working sub-groups in each CORE area (Clinical, Organization, Research, Education)

The Strategic Plan Working Group and Advisory Committee envision broad representation in each CORE working sub-group. We now ask department members interested in being part of a CORE working sub-group (DOM Strategic Plan CORE Advisors) to self-identify the core area in which they wish to participate. The Department is looking for 5 – 8 CORE Advisors per working group across the various sites within the Department of Medicine.

The time commitment for each CORE working group will be five (5) 1-hour meetings in ten (10) weeks in addition to some takeaway group work. We are looking to build a team that is passionate about changes to achieve the goals and vision we all share.

Sign-up for the CORE working sub-groups is now closed. Those selected will be contacted the week of December 19, 2022.

The UBC Department of Medicine Strategic Planning Process is currently in:

Phase 3: Activation