Dr. Kate Shannon (Division of AIDS) receives a CIHR Sex and Gender Science Chair – Institute of Gender and Health

The Canadian Institutes of the Health Research (CIHR) and the Institute of Gender and Health recently announced the competition results for the Sex and Gender Science Chair.

The UBC Department of Medicine is thrilled to announce that Dr. Kate Shannon’s study entitled “Advancing Gender Transformative Sexual Health Policy and Practice” has been approved for funding.

In addition to being a Professor in the Department of Medicine (Division of AIDS), she is also Associate Faculty in the UBC School of Population and Public Health and an MSFHR Scholar. Dr. Shannon is the Executive Director of the Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity and also holds a Tier 2 CRC Chair in Global Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS where she helps lead the university’s efforts on gender equity and sexual health care among underserviced and marginalized communities.

The emerging field of sex and gender science aims to deepen our understanding of how biological and social influences interact to affect health and disease. The purpose of the Sex and Gender Science Chairs funding opportunity is to support in-depth investigations in the field of sex and gender science by promoting a cadre of discipline-specific Chairs to increase visibility and drive innovation in their respective fields. The Chairs will investigate sex and/or gender as a primary research question within the investigator’s field of research, while also building capacity and sharing findings within and outside of their research communities.

Join us in congratulating Dr. Shannon on this outstanding achievement!

Click here for more information about the CIHR Sex and Gender Science Chair.

For more information about Dr. Shannon, please visit the CGSHE website.