Dr. Stephane Voyer, Education Scholar Appointment

Stephane_VoyerStephane Voyer is a general internist at St. Paul’s Hospital. He came to Vancouver in 2008 to complete a fellowship in General Internal Medicine after completing his BSc, undergraduate Medicine and core IM residency at McGill University.

After completing his clinical training, Stephane enrolled in and completed a Clinical Educator Fellowship at the Centre for Health Education Scholarship, earning a Masters in Education at UBC. He was awarded the Shelley Naiman and Providence Health awards for clinical teaching in 2013. His research focus is in clinical education, with a specific interest in how feedback might best be used to positively influence trainee performance.

The Education Scholar role will support the delivery of optimal educational experiences for our learners with the development of innovative educational products for teaching skill enrichment of faculty, staff and learners. This position will act as a knowledge translator by bringing the best of medical education science to the bedside and by applying their clinical experience to inform scholarly activities.