Dr. Zachary Laksman (Division of Cardiology) receives Stem Cell Network Impact Award

Researchers from UBC’s faculty of medicine have been awarded over $1.6 million from Canada’s Stem Cell Network (SCN) to advance four regenerative medicine research projects and clinical trials.

The funding is part of a $8.92 million investment to support 24 research projects and clinical trials across the country, with 23 partner organizations committing $9.44 million of in kind or cash support. The UBC projects will advance research in a range of areas including muscular dystrophy, diabetes, protein-based therapies, and heart health.

Traditionally powered by stem cells, regenerative medicine focuses on replacing, repairing, or regenerating human cells, tissues, and organs. The power of regenerative medicine is in its potential to halt or reverse disease instead of simply alleviating symptoms.

Congratulations to Dr. Zachary Laskman (Division of Cardiology) who was awarded a Stem Cell Network Impact Award!

Principal Investigator: Dr. Zachary Laksman, Department of Medicine’s Division of Cardiology, School of Biomedical Engineering
Project: Development of high-throughput assays to stratify cardiotoxic drug risk by sex and genotype
SCN Funding: $249,997