Laura Moss (Manager, IM Residency Program) awarded 2020 President’s Staff Award for Emerging Leadership

The President’s Staff Awards recognize the personal achievements and contributions that our staff make to UBC, and to the vision and goals of the University.

Laura Moss is more than a program manager to many Internal Medicine residents and colleagues within the Department of Medicine; she is a kind and helpful mentor and advocate who goes above and beyond to address their concerns.

Laura leads with care, efficiency, and confidence. She values the betterment of her colleagues in her unit and across all departments she interacts with. She assists with the Postgraduate Medical Education Coordinators Advisory Group (PGMECA) and she sits on many other committees and working groups within the program. She offers colleagues encouragement, autonomy, and opportunities to attend events and workshops that allow them to improve their skills.

Laura’s program assistance experience is extensive and she has an acute understanding of each role within the office. After completing the Managing at UBC program, she has stepped into her new leadership role as Program Manager with not only the ability to accurately and respectfully perceive the needs of those around her, but also the willingness and desire to fulfil those needs.

In particular, the residents in Internal Medicine have undergone significant challenges in 2020, as they are front line workers within the medical system during the global pandemic of COVID-19. Laura continues to demonstrate her calm, compassionate and informed leadership style through constant communication with her staff, residents and health authorities, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all associated with the program.

Please join us in congratulating Laura on this wonderful achievement!

This story originally seen on UBC’s Focus on People