Clinical Associate Professor
VGH Renal Program Director
Gordon & Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre
2775 Laurel Street 5th Floor
Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 1M9
Vision Statement:

I hope that by implementing the latest advances in hemodialysis technology in clinical practice we can accomplish much better patient outcomes. This requires ongoing research and this is my primary interest.

Research Interests:

Hemodialysis, Dialysis Vascular Access, Volume Management

Research Summary:

Clinical epidemiology and Quality Assurance related projects.

The Academy of Medicine, Warsaw, Poland, MD
University of British Columbia , FRCPC
Recent Publications:

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Awards & Recognition:
Resident Research Day, Department of Medicine, UBC – Best Oral Research Presentation (May 1996)
Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists/Merck Frosst National Competition Award (1999-2000)
Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists/BC Branch Top Project Award (2002)
Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists/Roche & Pharmacia National Research Competition Award (2002-2003)
Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists National Research Competition Award  First Place Award for Rational Drug Therapy (K Shalansky and J Jastrzebski) (2004)
BC Kidney Days Annual Meeting Poster Award 1st place poster, people’s choice award; 2nd place posterCritics’ choice award. Is it Necessary to Hold Iron Gluconate (Ferrlecit) Prior to Iron Studies?(Shalansky KF, Hanko J, Pudek M, Jastrzebski J). (2009)