Killam Professor of Medicine
Infectious Diseases
Group Website:
St. Paul’s Hospital Room 667
1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 1Y6
Vision Statement:
  • To improve the health of British Columbians through the development ongoing monitoring and dissemination of comprehensive investigative and treatment programs for viral diseases;
  • To develop new methods of patient care through vigorous clinical trials on prevention, investigation, treatment and management of HIV infection and HIV related diseases;
  • To develop rational and cost-effective investigational and therapeutic protocols and programs for the prevention and treatment of HIV and related viral diseases;
  • To provide education and other support programs to health care professionals;
  • To participate in on-going surveillance and epidemiology programs; and
  • To maintain effective cost-benefit analysis programs related to the investigation and treatment of viral diseases.
Research Summary:

Dr. Montaner has focused his research in the development of antiretroviral therapies and management strategies. In the mid 90’s, as the PI of the INCAS Trial, he played a key role in establishing the efficacy of NNRTI based highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), which emerged as the new global Standard of Care at the 1996 Vancouver International AIDS Conference, of which he was a co-organizer. He then focused his attention to HAART access to hard to reach populations, including injection drug users, and the treatment of multiple drug resistant HIV infection with great success. Since the late 90’s he also pioneered the concept of Treatment as Prevention® (TasP®). He was the first to advocate for the expansion of HAART coverage to curb the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, in terms of decreasing progression to AIDS and death, as well as decreasing HIV transmission. Largely through his efforts, TasP® has now been implemented with great success in BC, and progressively embraced by UNAIDS, China, PEPfAR, the US Government, and France, among others. In 2013, TasP® was fully incorporated in the WHO Consolidated ARV Guidelines.

University of Buenos Aires, 1973, BA
University of Buenos Aires, 1979, MD
University of Buenos Aires, 1980, Internship
Hospital “Cosme Argerich”, University of Buenos Aires, 1981, Residency
Pulmonary Research Lab, St. Paul’s Hospital, 1983, Postdoctoral Fellow
UBC Department of Medicine, 1985, Residency
UBC Respiratory Division, 1986, Clinical Fellow
UBC-Department of Medicine, 1986, Chief Resident
UBC-Department of Medicine, 1987, Research Fellow
HIV/AIDS Program, St. Paul’s Hospital, Physician Program Director
UNAIDS, Special Advisor on HIV Treatment
Recent Publications:

(selected from over 600 peer-reviewed publications)

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Awards & Recognition:
  • National Health Research Scholar, Health & Welfare Canada – Pathogenesis and Treatment of HIV and Related Diseases (1987-1997)
  • Martin Hoffman Award for Excellence in Research, Department of Medicine, UBC (1996)
  • AccolAIDS – Science, Research and Technology Award (2002)
  • Boehringer Ingelheim- Distinguished Researcher Award (2002)
  • AccolAIDS-Science/Research/Technology, Organization-BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (2005)
  • Killam Prize for Senior Science Category, UBC (2007)
  • Distinguished Service Award, Department of Medicine, St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care, (2004)
  • Betty Fata Award for Conference Leadership, Tourism Vancouver (2004)
  • Sanofi Pasteur Award:  Conquering HIV/AIDS-Recognizing Canadians who Make a Difference (2006)
  • Distinguished Achievement Award for Overall Excellence, Faculty of Medicine, UBC (2007)
  • Research & Mission Award, Providence Health Care Research Institute (2007)
  • Science & Technology Champion of the Year Award, BC Innovation Council (2007)
  • Killam Prize, Senior Science Category, UBC (2007)
  • Placa al Mérito, Asociacion de Profesores Hispano-Canadienses, Consulate of the Republic of Argentina (2008)
  • Leadership Award, LifeSciences BC (2009)
  • CIHR Knowledge Translation Award (2009)
  • Aubrey J. Tingle Prize for Outstanding Leadership, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (2010)
  • Prix Galien Canada Research Award (2010)
  • Albert Einstein World Award of Science, World Cultural Council (2010)
  • BC Health Association Legacy Award, University of BC College of Health Disciplines (2011)
  • Jacob Biely Research Prize, UBC (2011)
  • Grand Decoration of Honour for Services to Austria, Government of Austria, (2012)
  • The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012)
  • Hope is a Vaccine Award, Global Alliance to Immunize against AIDS (2012)
  • Canadian Medical Association Frederic Newton Gisborne Starr Award (2013)
  • HRF Medal of Honour, Rx&D Health Research Foundation (2013)
  • Distinguished Achievement Award, Faculty of Medicine, UBC (2013)


  • President-Elect, International AIDS Society (2006-2008)
  • President-International AIDS Society (2008-2010)
  • Fellow, Category III-Division of Life Sciences, Royal Society of Canada (2009)
  • Past-President, International AIDS Society (2010-2012)
  • Fellow, American College of Physicians (2010)
  • Honorary Degree, Doctor of Science-honoris causa, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC (2010)
  • Order of British Columbia (2010)
  • Honorary Degree, Doctor of Science-honoris causa, Cordoba University, Argentina (2012)
  • SENADOR DOMINGO FAUSTINO SARMIENTO, Argentina Senate of the Nation (2013)
  • Professor Honoris Causa, University of Buenos Aires (2013)
  • Quarter Century Club, University of British Columbia (2013)