Clinical Instructor
Geriatric Medicine
Vision Statement:

I hope to improve the Quality of Dementia Care by Family Physicians in BC through development of Educational Materials and Quality Improvement Projects on various aspects of Dementia Care.The work is being done in association with the UBC CPD Dementia Education Strategy.

Research Interests:

Dementia Care Education, Service Delivery Models for Care of the Frail Elderly in the Community

Research Summary:

An education program for Physicians and other Healthcare Providers on Dementia Care has been developed by members of the UBC CPD Dementia Education Strategy. The Program is providing educational outreach to all areas of the Province and has shown improved quality of Dementia Care and enhanced interaction between Specialist Physicians and Family Practitioners. The Dementia Education Stategy will continue to provide individualized and novel strategies to educate Physicians, Pharmacists and other Healthcare Practitioners through both online and small group forums on various aspects of Dementia Care. Hopefully this ongoing initiative will assist Healthcare Providers in providing care to a growing number of patients living with Dementia in BC.

Clinical Instructor, Consultant Geriatrician for Vancouver Coastal Health