Clinical Assistant Professor
Infectious Diseases
Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre, Infectious Diseases Rapid Access Clinic 1B
9750 140th St
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 0G9
Research Interests:
  • Hepatitis B diagnostics and management
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Antimicrobial delivery modes
University of British Columbia, Infectious Diseases, FRCPC
University of British Columbia, Internal Medicine, FRCPC
University of Saskatchewan, MD
University of British Columbia, BSc (Biochemistry)
Recent Publications:
  1.  Bach, P., Tsai, A., Niu, C., Kerkerian, G., Payne, M., Dallas, K., Rahmani, P., Wong, P. A case of Plasmodium falciparum infection presenting 10 years after emigration from an endemic country. JAMMI 2018, 3(4): 227-230. doi: 10.3138/jammi.2017-0015
  2. Wong, PH., Von Krosigk, M., Roscoe, D., Lau, T., Bowie, W. Antimicrobial co-resistance patterns of gram-negative bacilli isolated from bloodstream infections: a longitudinal epidemiological study from 2002-2011. BMC Infect Dis 2014, 14: 393. doi: 10.1186/1471-2334-14-393.
  3.  Kan, M., Wong, PH., Press, N., Wiseman SM. Colorectal and anal cancer in HIV/AIDS patients: a comprehensive review. Expert Rev Anticancer Ther 2014, 14(4): 395-405. doi: 10.1586/14737140.2013.877843.
  4.  Wilmer, A., Wong, P., Press, N., Romney, M., Champagne, S. Oligella urethralis as a cause of urosepsis. Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 2013, 35(10): 84-85. doi: 10.1016/j.clinmicnews.2013.04.003.
  5. Heggie, M., Morgan, D., Kirk, A., Crossley, M., Wong, P.H.P., Karunanayake, C. Quality of life in early dementia: comparison of rural patients and caregivers. Dementia 2012, 11(4):516-35. doi: 10.1177/1471301211421085.
  6.  Quon, B.S., Reid, J.D., Wong, P.H.P., Wilcox, P.G., Javer, A., Wilson, J.M., Levy, R.D. Burkholderia gladioli – a predictor of poor outcome in cystic fibrosis patients who receive lung transplants? A case of locally invasive rhinosinusitis and persistent bacteremia in a 36-year-old cystic fibrosis lung transplant recipient with cystic fibrosis. Can Respir J 2011, 18(4): e64-65
  7.  Wong, P.H.P., Ong, C.S. Molecular characterization of the Cryptosporidium cervine genotype. Parasitology 2006, 133: 693-700. doi: 10.1017/S0031182006000990.