REMINDER: Change to M&P Term Positions

As you may already know, the current collective agreement between UBC and AAPS has language that impacts term M&P employees. Please note that term CUPE 2950 and non-union Research Assistant/Technician employees are not impacted by the AAPS collective agreement since these employee groups fall under separate collective agreements and handbooks.

Specifically, the definition of a term M&P employee is now an employee hired with a stated period of employment that is:
working on a specific project, in which case the stated period of employment shall be the anticipated duration of the project; and/or
• replacing another employee on a leave, in which case the anticipated duration of the employment shall be the anticipated duration of the leave; and/or
• the funding for the employee’s position is provided for a limited term.

This means that if an employee is being hired for a project funded by a multi-year grant and all the funding is guaranteed and transferred to UBC by the external funder upfront, the employee should be hired initially for the duration of the funding. However, if the funding for the project/work comes in one year at a time and subsequent years of funding are not guaranteed or transferred to UBC upfront by the external funder, then the employee can be hired initially for one year and then reappointed based on the future funding received.

PIs and managers must be clear with term M&P employees about the project/work and funding situation that the employee is being hired for. If the original project/work/funding is ending but the employee is being reappointed to a new project/work/funding, then the PI/manager should clearly articulate to the employee that they are being offered a new term M&P position for a new project/work funded by a different funding source that will start after their current term M&P position ends.

Under the current collective agreement, term M&P employees who have accumulated three (3) years of service within a five (5) year period will now receive written notice or pay in lieu for the amount of time remaining in their term to a maximum of twelve (12) months with the minimum period of notice provided being three (3) months. These term M&P employees will no longer receive written notice or pay in lieu of notice based on total years of service at UBC.

Please continue to work with the HR Assistants to process new term appointments or reappointments for M&P employees and please contact Amanda Grenier, HR Manager, if there are any employees whose term will be ending or will not be renewed.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please contact either Amanda Grenier at or Mary Liu at