Strategic Plan Launch: April 30, 2024

Dear Department members,

The UBC Department of Medicine is proud to announce the upcoming launch of our strategic plan on April 30th.

The strategic plan represents a collaborative effort from all corners of our department, incorporating insights and feedback from faculty, staff, trainees, and partners. It outlines our vision for the future, along with the key initiatives and strategies that will help us achieve our targets. Together, we’re transforming the future of healthcare for all.

We encourage each of you to mark your calendars and prioritize engaging with the new strategic plan on April 30th as an opportunity for us to celebrate our achievements, and familiarize ourselves with the roadmap that will guide our journey ahead. Your participation and engagement are crucial as we embark on this exciting new phase for our department.

On April 30th, visit:

Thank you for your dedication and contributions throughout this process. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact our strategic plan will have on our department’s future success.


Professor and Eric W. Hamber Chair
Head, Department of Medicine
University of British Columbia