Clinical Professor
General Internal Medicine
MD University of Saskatchewan
Recent Publications:
  • •Hatala R, Ainslie, M, Kassen B, Mackie I, Roberts JM.  Assessing the mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise in comparison to a national specialty examination.  Med Educ. 2006 Oct; 40(10): 950-6.
  • •Hatala R, Cole G, Kassen B, Bacchus CM, Issenberg SB.  Does physical examination competence correlate with bedside diagnostic acumen?  An observational study.  Med Teach. 2007 Mar;29 (2-3):199-203.
  • •Hatala R, Issenberg SB, Kassen B, Cole G,Bacchus CM, Scalese RJ.  Assessing the relationship between cardiac physical examination technique and accurate bedside diagnosis during an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE).  Acad Med. 2007 Oct;82 (10 Suppl):S26-9.
  • •Hatala R, Issenberg SB, Kassen B, Cole G. Bacchus CM, Scalese RJ.  Assessing cardiac physical examination skills using simulation technology and real patients:  a comparison study.  Med Ed. 2007.
  • •Hatala R, Scalese RJ, Cole G, Bacchus CM, Kassen B, Issenberg SB.  Development and validation of a cardiac findings checklist for use with simulator-based assessments of cardiac physical examination competence.  Simulation in Healthcare.  2009; 4(1): 17-21.
  • •Millington SJ, Wong RY, Kassen B, Roberts JM, Ma, IW.  Improving internal medicine residents’ performance, knowledge and confidence in central venous catheterization using simulators.  J Hosp Med. 2009 Sept;4(7):410-6.