Clinical Professor
B.Sc. University of British Columbia Honours Physiology
MD University of British Columbia
Recent Publications:
  • Marotta TR, Gunnarsson T, Penn I, Ricci DR, McDougall I, Marko A, Bourne G, Da Costa L. A novel endovascular clip system for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms:  technology, concept, and initial experimental results.  Laboratory investigation.  J Neurosurg 108: 1230-1240, 2008.
  • Saw J, Densem C, Walsh S, Jokhi P, Starovoytov A, Fox R, Wong G, Buller C, Ricci D, Mancini J, Fung A. The Effects of Aspirin and Clopidogrel Response on Myonecrosis After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. A BRIEF-PCI (Brief Infusion of Intravenous Eptifibatide Following Successful Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) trial substudy. J Am Coll Cardiol Intv, 2008; 1:654-659.
  • Mancini GB, Ryomoto A, Kamimura C, Yeoh E, Ramanathan K, Schulzer M, Hamburger J, Ricci D.  Redefining the normal angiogram using population-derived ranges for coronary size and shape: validation using intravascular ultrasound and applications in diverse patient cohorts.  Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2007 Aug;23(4):441-53.
  • Webb JG, Pasupati S, Humphries K, Thompson C, Altwegg L, Moss R, Sinhal A, Carere RG, Munt B, Ricci D, Ye J, Cheung A, Lichtenstein SV.  Percutaneous transarterial aortic valve replacement in selected high-risk patients with aortic stenosis.  Circulation. 2007 Aug 14;116(7):755-63.
  • “Chandavimol M, McClure SJ, Carere RG, Thompson CR, Ricci DR, Mackay MH, Webb JG. Percutaneous aortic valve implantation: a case report.
  • Can J Cardiol. 2006 Nov;22(13):1159-61.”
  • Webb JG, Chandavimol M, Thompson CR, Ricci DR, Carere RG, Munt BI, Buller CE, Pasupati S, Lichtenstein S. Percutaneous Aortic Valve Implantation Retrograde From the Femoral Artery. Circulation 2006; 113:842-850.