Clinical Associate Professor
General Internal Medicine
University of Glasgow, Scotland, Mathematics, BSc (Hons)
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, Bioengineering, MSc
University of Glasgow, Scotland, Medicine, MB ChB (Commendation)
University of Manitoba Teaching Hospitals, Winnipeg, Internal Medicine., FRCPC
Recent Publications:

•Baillie H. What’s in a name?. Editorial, Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2006 1(1).
•Baillie H. Community General Internal Medicine: Planning for a Future. Can J Gen Inter Med, 2007, 2(1): 26-27.
•Baillie H, MBChB, Milton Baker, MD, Dean Burrill, MD, et al. Letter: Good work! Could do better. BCMJ Oct 2008, 50(8): 439.
•Baillie H. Understanding Shock: a brief history. Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine. Spring 2008, 3(1): 22-25.
•Baillie H. Eponyms in medicine. Can J Gen Intern Med 2009;4(2):77-78.