Clinical Assistant Professor
Infectious Diseases
Vision Statement:

I hope that by investigating screening and management techniques for anal dysplasia (pre-cancer), we can reduce the incidence of anal cancer in at -risk individuals.

Research Interests:

Anal intraepitheilal neoplasia (pre-cancer in the anal canal)
Human Papillomavirus
Antiretroviral therapy

Research Sumary:

The Anal Dysplasia Clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital offers screening and treatment of pre-cancer in the anal canal for patients at-risk for anal cancer. Our research includes investigating risk factors for developing anal cancer or pre-cancer lesions, and assessment of the treatment options. Our goal is to find the most safe and effective methods to treat pre-cancer lesions and prevent progression to invasive cancer.

Recent Publications:
  • N Press, Silvia Guillemi, R Taylor, T Lampinen, K Chan, A Yip, N Gataric, R Hogg, and J Montaner. Predictors of High-grade Anal Dysplasia in HIV- and HIV+ Men Who Have Sex with Men. 13th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. Denver, Colorado. February 5-8, 2006.