Critical Care Medicine
Vision Statement:

I am interested in understanding the determinants of outcomes of critically ill patients; this knowledge will inform the development of studies to test interventions aimed at improving these outcomes.

Research Interests:

patient safety; organizational culture; moral distress

Research Sumary:

My current research program is about the relationship between moral distress in ICU health care providers and patient safety outcomes. If we find a large burden of moral distress and if moral distress affects patient outcomes, then we have uncovered another compelling reason to improve moral distress. I also collaborate with numerous other critical care researchers from across Canada and around the world in a variety of clinical trials related to critical care.

UBC , Undergraduate
University of Toronto, MD
Harbor UCLA Medical Center, Residency in Internal Medicine
University of California, San Francisco , Fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
UBC, Master of Health Sciences (clinical epidemiology)
Recent Publications:


1. Dodek PM, Kozak J-F, Norena M, Wong H. More Men than Women are Admitted to 9 Intensive Care Units in British Columbia. Journal of Critical Care, 2009; 24: 630.e1-630.e8.
2. Dodek PM, Keenan SP, Norena M, Martin C, Wong H. Structure, Process, and Outcome of All Intensive Care Units within the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Journal of Intensive Care Medicine, 2010; 25: 149-155.
3. Dodek PM, Norena M, Keenan SP, Teja A, Wong H. ICU Admissions for Community-Acquired Pneumonia are Seasonal but are Not Associated with Weather or Reports of Influenza-like Illness in the Community. Journal of Critical Care, 2011; 26: 228-233.
4. Henrich NJ, Dodek P, Heyland D, Cook D, Rocker G, Kutsogiannis D, Dale C, Fowler R, Ayas N. Qualitative analysis of an intensive care unit family satisfaction survey. Critical Care Medicine. 2011; 39: 1000-1005.
5. Dodek PM, Wong H, Jaswal D, Heyland DK, Cook DJ, Rocker GM, Kutsogiannis DJ, Dale C, Fowler R, Ayas NTfor the Canadian Researchers at the End of Life Network (CARENET). Organizational and Safety Culture in Canadian Intensive Care Units: Relationship to Size of ICU and Physician Management Model. In press, Journal of Critical Care, 2011.