Clinical Assistant Professor
Geriatric Medicine
BMSc University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta Medical Science
MD University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta Medicine
Recent Publications:
  • Wong RY, Chittock DR, McLean N, Wilbur K. Discharge Outcomes of Older Medical In-patients in a Specialized Acute Care for Elders Unit Compared with Non-specialized Units. Can J Geriatr 2006; 9: 96-101. (Principal and Senior Author, Supervised Dr. N. McLean).
  • Nguyen VC, Miller WC, Asano M, Wong RY. Measurement properties of the L test for gait in hospitalized elderly. Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2007; 86(6): 463-8 (Co-Senior Author with Dr. WC Miller, Supervised Dr. VC Nguyen).
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