Administration Team

Director of Administration, Mary Liu 

Phone: 604-875-4771

  • Responsible for the operational and strategic management of the Department
  • Provides direction and leadership to division heads, faculty members, division managers and administrative staff
  • Plans workforce structures and establishes departmental goals and objectives in accordance with the Department’s mission

Administrative Coordinator to the Department Head, Donna Combs

Phone: 604-875-5613

  • Responsible for coordinating division reviews and departmental events.
  • Supports the Equity Committee, and the VGH Executive/Medical Operations Team

Communications and Office Manager, Laurie Golding

Phone: 604-875-4160

  • Responsible for operations management for the Administrative Office including IT, space and facilities management, and equipment purchases
  • Responsible for communication initiatives including website, annual reports and social media activities
  • Chairs the Administration Office’s Health & Safety Committee and is the Administration Office’s Fire Warden

Administrative Assistant to the Department Head, Kelsie Atwater 

Phone: 604-875-4045

  • Responsible for the Department Head’s schedule, correspondence, and travel
  • Supports the departmental Executive Committee, and Departmental Awards Committee

Division Heads and Administrators