Department of Medicine

The mission of the Research Office is to support and advance research, scholarship and
innovation in the Department of Medicine. Our goals are to uphold the values of the
Department of Medicine and to assist in the development of a new collaborative, goal oriented research culture.

The Research Office and the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) are committed to
celebrating the success of our researchers who have helped the Department of Medicine achieve a position as a preeminent research centre.












  • Departmental signature deadline is 6 business days before the external deadline (unless otherwise stated).
  • Where possible, the DOM Research Office will endeavour to have a 48 hour turnaround policy for signatures. However, complex requests (i.e. support letters for salary awards, contract review requests for University Counsel) may require additional time. Please check with the DOM Research Office in advance if you have a complex request.
  • Submit signature requests to cc: Anna Meredith in the Department of Medicine Research Office.
  • Dr. Anita Palepu, Head Department of Medicine or Dr. Teresa Tsang, Associate Head of Research signs for DoM Research.
  • Read more about getting signatures here


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