Vision, Mission, Values, and Operating Principles


A transformative and inclusive learning health system


Through reciprocal partnerships and advocacy, we advance education and research to enable the highest quality health care for patients and community throughout BC


Compassion – We show kindness and have empathy for each other and ourselves and are genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of all members. We approach our work with humility, ultimately respecting the dignity and needs of all members, learners, patients, and community.

Excellence – We continuously explore, learn, innovate, adapt and support each other to be our very best selves.

Inclusivity – We promote a welcoming and equitable opportunity environment where individuals and communities of all life experiences, identities, ancestries, and roles feel heard, valued, respected and empowered.

Integrity – We uphold the highest standards in our work and our relationships; to ensure decisions are evidence-based and actions are grounded in transparency, honesty, authenticity and mutual respect.

Operating Principles

Working Together for Greater Impact: We harmonize efforts across sites, regions, and with partners to transform the learning health system and to create inter-organizational communities. We develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships and collaborations with patients, health partners and communities and ignite collective efforts to achieve positive province-wide impact for the health of British Columbians and to contribute to the global knowledge in health.

Being a Responsive and Sustainable Organization: We demonstrate our responsiveness to evolving health needs and our commitment to making a positive impact towards wellbeing and planetary health by embedding flexible and sustainable processes and practices throughout our organization and aligning resources with strategic priorities.

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