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B.Sc. University of British Columbia Biology (Genetics),

Masters of Science Harvard School of Public Health Epidemiology – Clinical Effectiveness,

MD University of British Columbia,


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Recent Publications

  • Law JK,  Ali JA, Harrigan PR, Sherlock CH, Savage KJ, Yoshida E. Fatal postlymphoma chemotherapy hepatitis B reactivation secondary to the emergence of a YMDD mutant strain with lamivudine resistance in a noncirrhotic patient.  American Journal of Hematology. 2006. 81: 969-972.
  • Savage KJ, A Nasser, Voss N, Paltiel C,  Klasa R, Gascoyne RD and Connors JM Favourable Outcome of Primary Mediastinal Large B-cell Lymphoma:   The British Columbia Experience. Annals of Oncology 2006 17 (1): 123-130.
  • Kimm LR*, deLeeuw R*, Savage KJ, Rosenwald A., Campo E, Delabie J, Muller-Hermelink HK, Jaffe ES, Rimsza LM, Weisenburger DD, Chan WC, Staudt LM, Gascoyne RD, Lam WL.    Frequent occurrence of deletions in primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma.   Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 2007 Dec;46(12):1090-7. Epub Sept 2007.   * Shared co-first authorship.
  • Lee CW,  Belanger K, Rao S, Petrella TM, Tozer RG,  Wood L,  Savage KJ, Eisenhauer E,  Synoid TW, Wainman N, Seymour L. A phase II study of ispinesib (SB-715992) in patients with metastatic or recurrent malignant melanoma: a National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group trial 2008.   Invest New Drugs. 2008 Jun;26(3):249-55. Epub Oct 26 2007.
  • Michael J. Robertson, Brad S. Kahl, Julie M. Vose, Sven de Vos, Mary Laughlin, Patrick J. Flynn, Kendrith Rowland, Jose C. Cruz, Stuart L. Goldberg, Luna Musib, Christelle Darstein, Nathan Enas, Jeffery L. Kutok, Jon C. Aster, Donna Neuberg, Savage KJ, Ann LaCasce, Donald Thornton, Christopher A. Slapak, and Margaret A. Shipp   Phase II Study of Enzastaurin, a Protein Kinase C Beta Inhibitor, in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma. 2007. 25 (13): 1-6.
  • Rodig SJ, Savage KJ* , LaCasce AS,  Weng AP,  Harris NL, Shipp MA, Hsi ED, Gascoyne RD, and  Kutok JL.  Expression Of TRAF1 And Nuclear c-Rel Distinguishes Primary Mediastinal Large Cell Lymphoma From Nodal Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma. American Journal of Surgical Pathology. 2007. 31(1). 106-112. *shared co-first authorship.
  • Sehn LH, Berry B, Chhanabhai M, Fitzgerald C, Gill K, Hoskins P, Klasa R, Savage KJ,  Shenkier T, Sutherland J,  Gascoyne RD,  Connors JM.  Revised International Prognostic Index (R-IPI) is a better predictor of outcome than the Standard IPI for patients with DLBCL treated with R-CHOP. Blood. 2007 Mar 1;109(5):1857-61. Epub Nov 14 2007.
  • Al-Tourah AJ, Chhanabhai, M, Hoskins, PJ, Klasa, RJ, Savage, KJ, Sehn, LH, Shenkier, TN, Gascoyne, RD, Connors, JM.  Transformed lymphoma:  Incidence and long-term outcome. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2008 Nov 10; 26 (32): 5165-9.  Oct 6 2008 EPub.
  • Campbell BA, Voss N, Morris J, Gascoyne RD, Savage KJ, Connors JM.  Involved-nodal radiotherapy as a component of combination therapy for limited stage Hodgkin lymphoma: a question of field size. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2008 Nov 10; 26 (32):5170-4. Oct 6 2008 Epub.
  • Nelson M, Horsman DE, Weisenburger DD, Gascoyne RD, Dave BJ, Loberiza FR, Ludkovski O, Savage KJ, Armitage JO, Sanger WG.   Cytogenetic abnormalities and clinical correlations in peripheral T-cell lymphoma.  British Journal of Hematology. 2008; 141 (4):461-9.
  • Savage KJ1,   Harris NL, Vose JM,  Ullrich F, Jaffe ES, Connors JM, Rimsza L, Pileri SA, Chhanabhai  M, Gascoyne RD, Armitage JO and Weisenburger DD for the International Peripheral T-cell lymphoma Project.  ALK-negative Anaplastic Large-cell Lymphoma (ALCL) is Clinically and Immunophenotypically Different from both ALK-positive ALCL and Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma, Not Otherwise Specified:  Report from the International Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma Project. Blood 2008. June 15; 111 (12): 5496-504.
  • Johnson NA, Savage KJ, Ludkovski O, Ben-Neriah S, Woods R, Steidl C, Dyer MJS, Kurvilla K, Klasa R, Connors JM, Gascoyne RD, Horsman DE.   Lymphomas with concurrent BCL2 and MYC translocations: The critical factors associated with survival. Blood. 2009 Sept 9; 114(11): 2273-9. July 13 2009 Epub.
  • Savage KJ, Johnson NA, Ben-Neriah S, Connors JM, Sehn LH, Farinha P, Horsman DE, Gascoyne RD. The prognostic significance of MYC gene rearrangements in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients treated with R-CHOP chemotherapy.  In press Blood 2009 Oct 22; 114(17):3533-7. Epub Aug 24 2009.
  • Villa D, Connors JM, Shenkier TN, Gascoyne RD, Sehn LH, Savage KJ  Incidence and risk factors for central nervous system relapse in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: The impact of the addition of rituximab to CHOP chemotherapy.   Annals of Oncology. Oct 27 2009 (Epub) doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdp432.
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  • Kim C, Lee CW, Klasa R, Shah A, Savage KJ. Long Term Survival of Patients with Metastatic Melanoma (MM) treated with Dacarbazine (DTIC) or Temozolomide (TMZ). The Oncologist 2010. 15(7): 765-71.
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  • Savage KJ, Skinnider B, Al-Mansour M, Sehn LH, Gascoyne RD, Connors JM. Treating limited stage nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma similarly to classical Hodgkin lymphoma with ABVD may improve outcome. Blood 2011 Oct 27;118(7): 4585-90.

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