Clinical Associate Professor
Community Internal Medicine
BMedSci., Memorial University of Newfoundland, Science/Medicine, MD Memorial University of Newfoundland
MHSc at University of British Columbia
FRCPC at University of British Columbia
Recent Publications:

•Fitchett D, Casanova A,  Jaffer S, Tan M, Kornilova O, Goodman S, Langer A, “Bedtime Administration of Graded-Release Diltiazem in Patients with Inadequate BP Control:, Am J Cardiovasc Drugs 2006:6(6);393-400.
•Hackam DG, Tan MK, Lin PJ, Mehta PG, Jaffer S, Kates ML, Oh M, Grima EA, Langer A, Goodman SG. Vascular Protection Registry and Guideline Oriented Approach in Lipid Lowering Registry Investigators. Supporting a call to action for peripheral vascular disease: Insights from two prospective registries. J Vasc Surg 2006;44:776-81.
•Yan A,Yan R, Tan M , Hackam D,Leblanc K, Kertland H,Tsang J, Jaffer S, Langer  A, Goodman S. “Contemporary Management of Dyslipidemia in High-Risk Patients: Targets Still Not Met”, Am J of Med, August 2006:119(8),676-683.
•Jaffer S, Sampalis, S. Efficacy & Safety of Chitosan Hep-40 in the management of hypercholesterolemia: randomized multicentre, placebo-controlled trial. Alternative Medicine Review, Sept 2007:12(3):265-73.
•Teoh H, Mendelsohn A, Goodman S, Jaffer S, Chen Y, Tija S, Theriault L, Langer A, Leiter L. Usefulness of Statin-Ezetimibe Combination to Reduce the Care Gap in Dyslipidemia Management in Patients with a High Risk of Atherosclerotic Disease. American Journal of Cardiology, Sept 2009; 104:798-804.