Goal to Action

Together, we are ready to embrace flexibility and create positive impact and outcomes across our four core areas

Our faculty, staff, learners, and patients are working hard to advance our vision of a transformative and inclusive learning health system, and this will give us much to be proud of at the end of our Strategic Plan journey.

Across the Department, its 18 divisions, and its 1,600 faculty and staff, cross-cutting themes and strategies empower those working to implement the plan.

To realign our goals and actions and collaborate within the Department, core area leaders from the Department formed a Working Group in March and April 2024. The Project Coordinator for Strategic Planning led Core Working Group sessions focusing on prioritizing emerging needs within the health system. The Core Working Group recognized strategies to be implemented centrally by the Department and themes to be honored by our actions.

Strategy: Develop Enhancing Relationships and Partnerships


  • Communications and engagement strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy

Strategy: Provide Faculty Development and Support


  • Onboarding and Career Progression Strategy
  • Mentorship Strategy

Strategy: Enhance Diversity and Inclusion


  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) Strategy

Strategy: Support Necessary Reforms


  • Financial and Structural Reform Strategy

Transforming Health Together: 2023-2027 is the strategic plan for UBC’s Department of Medicine

Special thanks to all the faculty, staff, students, trainees, and partners across the province who have contributed to the development of this plan.