Operating Principles

Our operating principles define how we will advance our vision and how our values are put into practice to achieve our goals

Working Together for Greater Impact

We harmonize efforts across sites, regions, and with partners to transform the learning health system and to create inter-organizational communities. We develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships and collaborations with patients, health partners and communities and ignite collective efforts to achieve positive province-wide impact for the health of British Columbians and to contribute to the global knowledge in health.

Being a Responsive and Sustainable Organization

We demonstrate our responsiveness to evolving health needs and our commitment to making a positive impact towards wellbeing and planetary health by embedding flexible and sustainable processes and practices throughout our organization and aligning resources with strategic priorities.

Transforming Health Together: 2023-2027 is the strategic plan for UBC’s Department of Medicine

Special thanks to all the faculty, staff, students, trainees, and partners across the province who have contributed to the development of this plan.