Equity Committee

The Department of Medicine Equity Committee was created in 2009 to support the Department by monitoring and providing advice about matters that address issues of equity in the Department. Due to gender imbalance in both junior faculty and leadership positions in the Department, the initial focus of the committee was gender equity. The Committee is actively working to address equity in other areas as well, including a current focus on respectful workplace and anti-racism initiatives.

Terms of Reference


The committee is advisory to the Department Head and is expected to support the Department Head in all aspects of the role, including but not limited to:

  • To monitor the Department’s policies and practices in regards to equity issues and advise the Department Head of any practices which are perceived as discriminatory.
  • To develop equity guidelines for the Department.
  • To educate senior leadership on equity.
  • To support and sponsor events and programs designed to foster equity in the Department.
  • To promote appropriate change by initiating and participating in discussions designed to further equity in the Department.

Mandate and Role

The committee will meet quarterly. The committee will be supported by the Administrative Coordinator to the Department Head.


All committee members are expected to:

  • Attend a minimum of four meetings each year.
  • Participate in meetings with a focus on developing, implementing and evaluating strategies to optimize equity and diversity.
  • Provide input into the completion of these tasks.
  • Participate in the dissemination of results of initiatives.

Equity Committee Members as of September 2023

Name Division Rank/Role
Dr. D. Fast Social Medicine Assistant Professor
Dr. N. Khan General Internal Medicine Professor
Dr. D. Lacaille Rheumatology Chair; Professor
Dr. H. Leitch Hematology Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Y. Leung Gastroenterology Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. G. Meneilly Geriatric Medicine Professor
Dr. A. Palepu  General Internal Medicine Eric W. Hamber Professor and Chair of Medicine
Dr. A. Townson  Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinical Professor and Associate Head, Education
D. Combs Administration Academic Administrator to the Department Head
M. Liu Administration Director of Administration

The DoM Equity Committee focuses on equity for faculty members and medical residents. If you are a staff member and have questions or concerns about equity, please contact the Director of Administration, Department of Medicine.